My first post and I find that I am unable to guess how to use WordPress “categories.” In the publishing aids column I see that I can add a new category. I’ll add “Dialogue.”

Usually when I speak about dialogue I am talking about a special dialogue practiced by relatively few. Here in Colombia there are a few that hoped it would be a part of their “Dialogue For Peace.” Elsewhere it has been called an excellent listening practice. I’ll eat and then write a bit about the practice of this ‘dialogue.’ I haven’t eaten yet, but I do have some vegetables and chicken cooking. Let’s see if I can get this post cooking.

Dialogue, as I use the term here, is about the way members of a practice group use spoken language to safely share varied perspectives, attitudes, opinions, experiences, and assumptions with fidelity. There are a lot of rules to practice, several important ones have to do with listening.

This sharing is done in a way to help one to understand another’s way of seeing. It is designed to be a peaceful way to understanding and meaning. Some have thought it notably like a way of “fair fighting” taught by some psychologists to married couples having  some difficult issues. However, this dialogue is for larger groups.

A practice group called Magic Table Dialogue reminded us that each bit of speech in these dialogue practice groups may be found to be lasting gifts of the speakers to the listeners. This kind of speech which we simply call dialogue is becoming a way to look deeply at assumptions and to see them with respect and understanding.

My intention is to continue posting about this useful dialogue practice here on Mago Bill.I am just now remembering that all of our practice in developing this dialogue method has been in face to face situations. While here I do not see your face or even have a notion of your identity or avatar. I have no idea of how this practice may be done online!

I would very much like to hear from you. There must be a way to comment here on the site.

I hope to write more about dialogue, prehistory, governance, etc.

I have eaten a feel better. Even though the veggies were only potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, they were really delicious.

Please tell what you think about the font, paragraphing, etc. I am not completely new to blogging, but this is my first effort on WordPress. So I can use, with great gratitude, any suggestions about layout of this blog platform or how I am using it.

Thank you for reading my first post here!



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill






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