Intro. to Silk Road 101

I plan to write more about “the Silk Road” in the future. I have written about it before on another blog. I may have called it the Iranian Horsemen Road then.

Anyway, I believe that by 2000 BC there was already enough silk on the great inland trading network we have called The Silk Road to fairly call it a silk road.

By the time Europeans knew that they were trading with China and India, “the road” ran from beyond Java to lands west of Italy and included more than just trade with India and China.

I suspect that Indians traded fine textiles on the Road before the Chinese traded silk there.

From about 500 BC to about 200 BC Persian(Iranian) horsemen and their wheeled vehicles moving along the Toad from the Far East to the Near East. However, ancestors of the Iranians of this time were living and trading along the Road at during much earlier times.

The Chinese, especially those of the Han Empire, did a good job of keeping trade moving on the Road from about 206 BC to about 220 AD at which time the Ottoman closed it.  During those 400 or so years, the Han traded a lot of silk. Seems I have heard that right now the Chines are laying rails along that road.

I believe that today the Iranians have a lot of friends and relatives along the road. History does seem to catch up with us.

More later.


by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill



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