Acupuncture One

When the wonderfully effective practice of acupuncture becomes common in the United States, health-care will be of better quality and more affordable. We will pay less for health-care. Anesthesiologists might lose most of their  work. We would get better health-care because acupuncture handles some procedures much better than present practices.

MDs, surgeons, and anesthesiologists form a group not interested in supporting acupuncture for fear of lessening their income. Anesthesiologists might have good reason for that fear.

The huge amounts of drugs American doctors prescribe would probably lessen. Acupuncture is great for reducing pain and for eliminating it. Fewer prescriptions would mean less profit for drug manufactures and savings for many of us. Drug manufacturers, much like insurance companies, have long been active in politics. Drug manufacturers have formed and used powerful lobbying organizations in Washington. Drug companies contribute huge sums of money to selected kinds of medical research.

Drug manufactures are unlikely to support a health system founded on a broad base of health expertise, rather than one basically on the use of drugs.

So, a large part of the medical establishment is organized to resist the use of acupuncture. Acupuncture is better for health than it is for business.

For the individual, acupuncture could mean significantly lower medical costs and better health care. What can  an individual do about acupuncture and better health care? Not much! However, individuals can do all that is necessary. Please note the “s” I have use as the last letter in the word “individuals.” Individuals know enough about cooperation and can act together to form powerful organizations. Organization need not be complicated, but it does take persistence.

More to come.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill





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