About: Mago Bill and me

A page to introduce Mago Bill and me, and some contact info.

I am an old US citizen living Colombia.

I intend to post about the nature of this blog on a new Sitemap page soon.

Mago, is a name I have been using for my paternal great grandfather. I knew nothing of Mago until my lovely and talented sister, Gerry Hook, the family genealogist, told me that she had found our paternal great grandfather under the name M. William Sheehan!    Soon she had enough documentation to list him on her genealogy website. A bit later we found that the “M” was for Mago. I said “Mago Bill, what a great name!” Gerry feigned disapproval for a name so flippant for our progenitor (Bill is a short form for William).  I became more taken by the name as the months passed! Mago, my great grandfather, and particularly his name, inspired me. And is the inspiration for this blog.

You can be pretty sure that I will post more about Mago, especially the name, later.

That’s all about Mago for the time being. Now on to some contact info.

I believe that the best way for you to contact me is through this blog’s “comment” function. I will try to provide a place to comment at the bottom of this page and at the bottom of every page and post.

The next best way for you  contact me is by email. The email address to use is: rcs37@gmx.com    Yes, “gmx” is correct. Please mention magobill.com in your message.

My physical address is:

cra. 14, #7a-03

La Ceja, Antioquia

Colombia 055010


Welcome to Mago  Bill!  I thrive on hearing from you!

From my desk in La Aldea,


Richard Carroll Sheehan