Timeline: from 1500 AD toward today

I intend t

his timeline page to contain historically modern dates between 1500 AD and tomorrow. I intend to have four or five additional separate timeline pages beginning at, say, 20,000,000 BC and working forward to today or beyond, to include some predictions! Just now I will add a few modern items which interest me at the moment. If you know of someone who can make this timeline more easily searchable, please help me to get in contact with them. I hope to have a comment section at the bottom of this timeline page someday before death overcomes me.


1500 AD to today:

1534 to 1540 AD: in Ireland, there was a failed insurrection by Lord Offaly.

1541 AD: Henry the VII of England proclaimed king (rather than feudal lord) of Ireland.

1558 to 1603 AD: plantation of Ireland began under the reign of Elizabeth I of England. Sounds sweeter than it was.                                                                                                                   ~ to 1601 AD: Reign of Elizabeth I. System of counties adopted.

1561 AD: in Nuremberg a celestial event appeared as strong, easily seen markings appeared on the sun. Some ball like makings fell to the Earth and caused fires.

1566 AD: in Basel a celestial event included easily seen, remarkable markings on the sun.

1570 AD: by this time Spanish Americans were settling the Argentinian pampa.

c. 1592 AD: in China Tu Lung wrote Ch’aching a treatise on tea and the appreciation of it.

1595 to 1603 AD: in Ireland the failed uprising of Hugh O’Neil.


1649 AD: Cromwell invaded Ireland.

1653 AD: under the act of settlement James the II flees to Ireland. Defeated at the Battle of the Boyn.

1689 AD: anti Catholic penal laws introduced to Ireland by Englishmen. Catholics remain holding 14% of the land in Ireland.

1704 AD: Penal Code enacted, Irish Catholics barred from voting. education, and military.

1710 AD: Cossack: the constitution of Pylyp Orlyk written by Hetman Pylyp.

1714 AD: Catholics hold 7% of the land in Ireland.

1740 AD: The forgotten famine in Ireland.

1749 AD: Montesquieu’s Spirit of Law’s published.

1775 AD: American war of Independence foments Irish unrest.

1776 AD: American Revolutionary War.                                                                                         ~Chickamauga Wars in America.                                                                                                      ~Second Cherokee War in America                                                                                                       ~ Pennamint-Yankee War in Pennsylvania.                                                                                      ~to 1815 AD: sixty years of war in Europe was followed by the Industrial Revolution.

1777 AD: American Revolutionary war continues.                                                                          ~ Chikamauga wars in America continue.                                                                                        ~Second Cherokee war in America.                                                                                                     Pennaminte – Yankee war in America continues.

1778 AD: America Revolutionary war continues                                                                             ~Battle of Wyoming in Pennsylvania British and Iroquois won.                                                 ~Chickamauga wars in America continue.                                                                                      ~Pennaminte – Yankee war continues in America.

1779AD: American Revolutionary War.                                                                                               ~ Chickamauga Wars.                                                                                                                                 ~ Pennamint-Yankee War.

1782 AD: Grattan’s parliament persuades British to declare Irish independence,  but in name only.

1787  AD: on September 17th, all 12 state delegations approved the Constitution of what was to be the USA. Of the 42 delegates present, 39 signed, and the convetion formally adjourned.











1795 AD: Foundation of the Orange Order in Ireland.  


1798  Wolfe Tone’s uprising in Ireland crushed.                                                                    ~ U.S., Quasi-War with France,

1799 AD: the U.S., Quasi-War with France.

1800 AD: the U.S, Quasi-War with France.

1801 AD: U.S, First Barbary War.                                                                                                ~ Ireland becomes part of Britain under the act of Union.

1815 AD: War of 1812, Second Barbary War, Anti-piracy war. USA

1816 AD: First Seminole War, Anti-piracy war, USA

1817 AD: First Seminole War, Anti-piracy war, USA

1818 AD: First Seminole War, Anti-piracy war, USA



1829 AD: Catholic Emancipation Act passed in Ireland after Daniel O’Connell elected as MP.

1833 AD: Cherokee Indian War with the “U.S.”

1837 AD: Cherokee Indian War, Seminole Wars, Second Creek War, Osage Indian, Buckshot War, by the U.S.

1838 AD: Cherokee Indian War, Seminole Wars, Buckshot War, Heatherly Indian War, by the U.S.

1839 AD: Cherokee Indian War, Seminole Wars, by the U.S.

1840 AD: Seminole Wars, U.S. naval forces invade Fiji Islands.

1841 AD: Seminole Wars

~ Us Naval forces invade McKean Island, Gilbert Islands, and Samoa.


1849 AD: Texas-Indian Wars, Cayuse War, Southwest Indian Wars, Navajo Wars, Skirmish between U.S. 1st Cavalry and Indians.

1850 AD: Texas-Indian Wars, Cayuse War, Southwest Indian Wars,  Navajo Wars, Yuma War, California Indian Wars, Pitt River Expeditions.

1859 AD: A storm of charged particles from the sun slammed into Earth’s atmosphere. Telegraph wires were shorted out.


1886 AD: First Home Rule Bill in Ireland.

1934 AD: Cherokee Indian War. Pawnee Indian Territory Campaign with the “U.S.”

1835 AD: Cherokee Indian War. Seminole Wars. Second Creek War with “U.S.”

1836 AD: Cherokee Indian war. Seminole Wars. Second Creek War. Missouri-Iowa Border War, US.

1845 – 48 AD: The Great Famine in Ireland.

1851 AD: Texas-Indian Wars, Cayuse War, Southwest Indian Wars, Navajo Wars, Apache Wars, Yuma War, Utah Indian Wars, California Indian Wars.

1852 AD: Texas-Indian Wars, Cayuse War, Southwest Indian Wars, Navajo Wars, Yum War, Utah Indian Wars, California Indians Wars.


1879 – 82 AD: The Land War; Parnell encourages a boycott of repressive landlords.

1891 AD: Parnell dies in October.

1893 AD: Second Home Rule Bill. Gaelic League founded.

1903 AD: Land Purchase Act (Wyndham Act) in Ireland.

1906 AD: Liberals win General Election.

1909 AD: Land Purchase Act in Ireland.

1912 AD: Third Home Rule Bill in Ireland.

1914 AD: Implementation of Home Rule postponed because of the outbreak of World War I.                                                                                                                                                 ~ Outbreak of the First World War. IRB decides on Rising in Ireland.

1949 AD: On October first of this year Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China. Chiang Kai-shek and about 2 million Nationalist Chinese retreated from mainland China to the Island of Taiwan.

1950 AD: Korean War, Jayuga  uprising.                                                                                                  ~ More than 300,000 Ojibwa speakers could still speak or chant more that one complete sentence of their language. At that time they had the fourth most speakers among the US tribes with the most native speakers.                                                                                                   ~ to 1953 AD: Korean War. On June 5th of this year North Korea invaded South Korea with 10 divisions and quickly swept the south to Pusan at the southern tip of Korea. So the U.S. decided to join the fight.

1951 AD: Korean War with U.S.                                                                                                                ~ Dorian Norman Sheehan was born.

1952 AD> Korean War,

1953 AD> Korean War>

1954 AD Covert War in Guatemala,

1955 AD> Vietnam War,

1956 AD Vietnam War,

1957 AD Vietnam War,

1958 Vietnam War,

1959 AD> Vietnam War, Conflict in Haiti.

1964 AD Governance and participatory democracy began a crash which continues today.  ~ American citizens paid their CIA to and other organizations to meddle in the democratic elections of the Republic of Chile, a sovereign nation.                                      ~ Eduardo Frei ran as a Christian Democrat in the Chilian elections as a popular candidate.

1965 to 1975 AD the New Indian movement returned National Parks to the Consciousness of America Indians and awakened the national consciousness too.

1967 AD: Vietnam War with the U.S.

1968 AD: Vietnam War with the U.S.

1969 AD: Vietnam War with the U.S.

1970 AD: Vietnam War with the U.S.


1980 to 1990 AD In North America, the US Southern states began to claim there part of pr-Columbia history and archaeology more effectivly.

1984 AD: the U.S. Cold War (CIA proxy war in Afghanistan and Nicaragua) Conflict in the Persian Gulf.

1985 AD: US Cold War (CIA proxy war in Afghanistan and Nicaragua)

1986 AD: US Cold War (CIA proxy war in Afghanistan and Nicaragua.)

1987 AD: US conflict in the Persian Gulf.

1989 AD: charged particles from the sun cut electric power in a Canadian province.

2001 AD: U S. war on terror in Afghanistan.

2002 AD: U.S. war on terror in Afghanistan and in Yemen.

2003 AD: US war on terror in Afghanistan, and in Iran.

2004 AD: US war on terror in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Pakistan, and Yemen.






1916  AD:  May 3 to 12 executions. Easter Rising in Dublin. After leaders are executed public opinion backs independence.

1917 AD> De Valera won East Clare.

1918 AD  November, end of First World War.

1919 AD  Irish War of Independence against Britain.

1920 AD  Burning of Cork by Auxiliaries!                                                                                  ~ – 21 AD: War between Britain and Ireland. Irish Free State and Northern Ireland created.

1 921 AD  December, Anglo Irish Treaty.

1922 AD: Civil war breaks out in Ireland.

1932 AD: Ireland: General Election. Fianna Fail victory.

1937 AD: Ireland: Constitution of “Eire”, claims 32 counties.

1939 AD Second World War, WWII.

1945 AD: End of WWII.

1955 AD: Ireland joins the United Nations.

1972 AD Ireland joins the European Economic Community.

1981 to 82 AD: Ten Republicans die on hunger strike in Maze Prison in Northern Ireland.                                                                                                                                            ~ Dying hunger-striker, Bobby Sands, elected to British Parliament.

1993 AD: Downing Street Declaration; British Government accepts the right of the people of Ireland to self-determination.