Timeline: from 1500 AD toward today

I intend this timeline page to contain historically modern dates between 1500 AD and tomorrow. I am not yet sure, but I may begin with the items of most recent date rather than beginning with earliest date and working forward to today. Have you a preference? I intend to have four or five additional separate timeline pages beginning at, say, 20,000,000 BC and working forward today or beyond, to include some predictions! Just now I will add a few monder items which interest me at the moment. If you know of someone who can make this timeline more easily searchable, please help me to get incontact with them. I hope to have a comment section at the bottom of this timeline page someday before death overcomes me.


1500 AD to today:

1795 AD: Foundation of the Orange Order in Ireland.  

1798  Wolfe Tone’s uprising in Ireland crushed.

1801 AD Ireland becomes part of Britain under the act of Union.

1829 AD: Catholic Emancipation Act passed in Ireland after Daniel O’Connell elected as MP.

1916  AD>  May 3 to 12 executions. Easter Rising in Dublin.


1917 AD> De Valera won East Clare.

1918 AD  November, end of First World War.

1919 AD  Irish War of Independence against Britain.

1920 AD  Burning of Cork by Auxiliaries!

1921 AD  December, Anglo Irish Treaty.

1922 AD: Civil war breaks out in Ireland.

1932 AD: Ireland: General Election. Fianna Fail victory.

1937 AD: Ireland: Constitution of “Eire”, claims 32 counties.

1939 AD Second World War, WWII.

1945 AD: End of WWII.